Rezztek® Blade Tape - 2 Pack
Rezztek® Blade Tape - 2 Pack

Rezztek® Blade Tape - 2 Pack

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Each pack contains 2 pairs of Rezztek tape


Four patented layers, each specifically designed for your top performance. Water resistant and repellent to maintain top performance throughout the game.


Independent study Influence of Physical Properties of Hockey Stick Blade on Shots by Martin Plesch in 2019 compared Rezztek® to traditional tape.

The result? Rezztek® significantly improves the speed and accuracy of your shot. The durability of Rezztek® is a bonus to all players who don’t necessary enjoy taping their stick every day.

Speed +3% improvement
Accuracy +6% improvement
Energy +5% improvement


Join the players that use Rezztek® to improve their performance on the ice. More and more players are making the switch to Rezztek® every day.

To apply Rezztek® - Watch Here