Kampuchea Inline Cup

Organiser: Powerplay Sports & Entertainment

Dates: January 13th & 14th 2023 

Rink: CIS Rollerdome, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Surface: Ice Court/Stilmat style tiled flooring

Suggested: Revision Flex, Revision Recoil, Konixx Pure-X, Konixx Tachyon, Revision Variant

Website: https://powerplayse.com/

Contact: admin@powerplayse.com

The CIS Roller Dome is the only state of the art facility in Asia with an Inline Hockey Rink inside an air dome. No matter if it is rain or shine, it will be Game On! Be a part of history and participate in the first ever Inline Hockey Tournament in Cambodia. Your participation will also help boost the image and popularity of the sport.

Wheel Hub Asia will be linking up with our good friends from Hoapa Hockey to enter the Kumpuchea Cup. Bringing together friends from Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Singapore, we are looking to support our buddies in Cambodia and have a brilliant time.