About us

Our Vision

To build accessibility and community for inline hockey across Asia Pacific.


Our Mission

Our goal is to create a platform that connects inline hockey players and teams across the Asia Pacific region, to create a sharing community and attract international awareness towards the sport in Asia. Through strategic partnerships with world class brands and associations, we bring hockey players the equipment they need, faster and cheaper. Wheels are just the beginning…


Our Values

Leadership. We strive to build a better future for inline hockey players in Asia and drive international attention towards the growing talent Asia has to offer. 

Passion. Evident in our day-to-day, our love for the sport trumps all else. We are committed to growing the sport 100%, and actively look for opportunities that allow us to do so.

Collaboration. Our partners are our allies, who provide us with support and recognition that allow us to grow the sport for our fans and customers across the region. We treat our allies with respect and integrity and expect the same in return.

Quality. We partner with established brands and associations that hockey players already trust and feel comfortable with. We only provide products that we ourselves would use on a daily basis.