About us


“To be your one stop shop for everything inline hockey in Asia” 



Long time friends and teammates, Dom Browne and Chris Wettling launched Wheel Hub Asia in 2019 with the goal to make inline hockey more affordable for hockey players across the region. 

Growing up playing hockey in Asia can be quite an expensive pastime and from our experience, we’ve seen, discourages young talented individuals from playing the sport at all.

With Wheel Hub Asia, we aim to provide top quality brands at affordable prices, making the sport more accessible, and building a community for inline hockey in Asia. 



At Wheel Hub Asia, we bring you the products you need for your hometown rink, and that’s right, you’ve guessed it.... Wheels! 

But wheels are just the beginning...

We strive to understand the needs and wants of inline hockey players all across the region, through our extensive network and experience and brand ambassadors in key Asian countries.

We make gear more accessible, eliminating high shipping costs and long lead times.