Helo Rock-it Bearing Cleaning Kit

Helo Rock-it Bearing Cleaning Kit

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The Helo Rock-It-Clean Bearing Cleaner Kit keeps your bearings functional and wheels rolling.


6 OZ (177 ml) Rocket-It-Clean Solution

Degreases and cleans bearings and other small skate parts

Enzyme based cleaning solution is safe for people, animals, and the environment


No harsh chemicals


Refill solution available

Bearing pin

Tool used for removing bearing shields

Sifter scoopT

Tool used for removing bearings from the solution

Cleaning your bearings with Helo's Rock-It-Clean Bearing Cleaner Kit is extremely easy and safe to use. Made with a 100% biodegradable enzyme-based cleaning solution, your bearings will come out grime and dirt-free. Helo even included a bearing pin and sifter scoop so you can take apart your bearings and easily remove them out of the solution with no mess