3Inline 3-on-3 League


Organiser: Wheel Hub Asia

Dates: December 2021 - April 2022

Rink: YMCA KPCC, Jordan, Hong Kong

Surface: Painted Concrete

Suggested: Revision Recoil / Revision Variant Plus / Revision Steel / Konixx Pure-X Street/ Konixx Tachyon

Website: http://3inline.hockeysyte.com/

Contact: 3inline@wheelhubasia.com

One of Wheel Hub Asia's missions is to increase participation and opportunities for inline hockey players in the region. With the lack of travel in Asia over the last few years, we decided to bring a new format of inline hockey to Hong Kong in a league format for the first time. 3-on-3 hockey is a faster, more skillful game in relation to 4-on-4 with the added space creating more 1-on-1 opportunities and a more possession based game.

Official 3inline sponsors: Misty's Wanchai, TT Auto Beauty, Dom Browne Fitness, Across The Pond HK, AQ Strong, Locker Hooks, Custom+ Design, Carlsberg