Choi Park Lai Inline Cup

Organizer: Olivier Choi

Dates: April 2020

Rink: 佛山市顺德区龙江镇华连路18楼3楼(众和羽毛球馆)

Surface: Stilmat Indoor Tiles

Suggested Wheels: Revision Flex / Revision Recoil / Revision Variant Plus




In 2019, Powerplay Sports & Entertainment, in partnership with Stilmat and the AngYu Sports and Cultural Company Ltd. launched the Choi Park Lai Inline Cup, held in Shunde, Fo Shan.

Head organizer and representative of the AngYu Sports and Cultural Company Ltd., Olivier Choi, founded the tournament in memory of his grandfather, Choi Park Lai, one of China’s most renowned Feng Shui Masters.

The Choi Park Lai is the first of a long series of tournaments in memory of Mr. Choi Park Lai.

Stay tuned for tournament updates in 2020!


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